Mangrol Memon Jamat

Welcome to Mangrol Memon Jamat

Mangrol Memon Jamat was established in 1974 under Social welfare Act.

Formers of Mangrol memon Jamat are Mian Ahmed Bidi Wala, Jan Muhammad Aarbi, Ismail Moosa Modi, Jan Muhammad Bidi Wala, M. Yousuf Adil and Qasim Modi.

First Prsident was Qasim Modi and Sec. Gen. was M. Yousuf Adil.

First Jamat Office was in Qasim Modi's shop at Subzi Mandi, Boultan Market, Karachi.

First Prize Distribution Ceremony was held on December 25, 1974 and it is going on continuously up till now.

Mangrol Memon Jamat is a non-profit organization serving the needs of its community. MMJ strives to cater the needs of its members and conducts different activities to keep the members united socially and religiously. MMJ provides support to its members in all the matter of life wherever possible whether in the form of Monthly Ration, Marriage, Education, Medical and House etc